Whether you already have a product, or starting from scratch, Ahmed will work with you to define the strategy and roadmap.


Ahmed will manage the whole product life-cycle, from conception to deployment, and ensure all milestones and targets are hit.


Never settling, Ahmed will always strive to improve your product, to make your users happier, and to make your revenue grow.

Your personal Product Manager

With Ahmed, you'll get your personal Product Manager for your team. Ahmed will work closely with all levels of your organization to build the perfect product for your organization. Designers, developers, sales, marketing, analytics, executives, and even your users will all have a say. And when we reach perfection? We'll just redefine what 'perfect' is, and push our vision even further.

Personal Info

Experienced. Proven.

Multiple product launches, for mobile and web, for startups and enterprise, including Octopz, eBay, Rogers and McDonalds.

Data-Centred. User-Centred.

Don't just guess! Focus on data and what your users are telling you to get the perfect product.


Agile experience. Never settling for the status quo, always learning, adapting and seeking new challenges.

Technical. Visual. MBA.

Just the right blend of a New Media/UX background, technical expertise and business pedigree to get things just right.

Leader. Collaborator.

Inspirational leadership that fosters collaboration. A team is more than the sum of its parts.


Will listen and get at the heart of the issue, and disseminate the right information, at the right time, to the right people.



Lead Technical Architect for the beginning of this project, before leaving to complete my MBA. Laid down the foundation and framework and built the first set of components (calendaring, time tracking).

Toro Magazine.

Lead Technical Architect and iOS developer for the studio's first mobile app project.

eBay Infographic

Lead Technical Architect, front-end and back-end developer. Developed prototypes, feasibility studies, deployment architecture on Azure cloud.


One of the lead and founding engineers on forward thinking online collaboration tool.

Get In Touch

Thanks for checking out my online resume. I'm passionate about technology startups, and currently seeking a new challenge. Ideal roles would be product manager, tech/product evangelist or technical consultant at a tech/software startup.

If you're interested in getting in touch, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, or e-mail me at